Preplanning: including Advance Care Plans, Representation Agreements and other key documents.

Facilitating end-of-life discussions and encouraging people to reflect and capturing ideas about end-of-life values, wishes and beliefs.

Providing referrals and therapy awareness through our networked community.

Supporting clients and loved ones emotionally, practically and spiritually before, during and after death.

Advocating for the patient to help make their end-of-life wishes a reality.

Assisting in strengthening and completing relationships with family and friends.

Sitting bedside to vigil.

Assisting patients with establishing their legacies.

Supporting primary care givers.


As a Doula I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks.

Make decisions for my client.

Project  my own beliefs into my client’s experience.

Contact me for a  free 30-minute phone consultation .

This will allow us to determine whether we are suited to work together,

what your needs are, how I can help and what the scope of the work will be.

I will provide you an estimate, and then will bill hourly for my time.

For vigils, I can provide various flat-fee-package options based on our initial conversation.

Tracy L. Chalmers

End of Life Doula

Servicing North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Professional Affiliations: North Shore Hospice, Douglas College, End of Life Doula Care Association of Canada